As an Authorised Electronic Money Institution (AEMI), by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the EU 2nd Electronic Money Directive (no. 80098), Bancom Europe Ltd is able to transact in all aspects of electronic money and is subject to regulatory requirements and supervision.

Using our range of products and solutions, businesses can:

  • Control Financial Resources across all departmental levels
  • Manage employee travel expenses
  • Pay local or remote staff instantly online
  • Reduce inbound and outbound financial processing costs
  • Offer Customer Loyalty programs

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Our products help guide the future course of businesses faced with accelerating rates of evolution in technological, economic and financial forces.


Bin Sponsor Programs

With strong associations with the major global payment networks, Bancom Europe Ltd is well suited to offer our partners bin sponsorship programs to Program Managers/owners, ISO’s and other corporate entities.

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Fraud Detection Engine

Bancom’s advanced Fraud Detection Engine (FDE) is a web based digital analysis tool for performing verification and authorization by examining patterns in transactional and behavioural data.

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Travel Money Cards

Bancom offers travel money cards in sixteen different currencies, giving travellers convenient and reliable ATM access to domestic cash at significantly reduced currency exchange fees. Click here to see list of currencies.

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Payroll Management

Bancom’s Payroll and Expense Management applications enable businesses to streamline vital financial management processes resulting in better decision making, increased productivity and tighter internal controls.

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