Bancom’s sophisticated set of payroll and expense management solutions are convenient for employees and cost effective for business owners.

Bancom’s Payroll and Expense Management applications enable business owners to streamline their most vital financial management processes resulting in better decision making, increased productivity and tighter internal controls.


Current Accounts for remote-staff payroll enable businesses to pay employees in distant regions or other countries in a matter of minutes. Use it to pay local and remote-staff on an on-going basis or to make one time payments to freelancers or contractors.

Organizations and their employees mutually benefit from using Bancom’s Payroll Management System.

  • Easily manage employee travel expenses
  • Curb or eliminate employee reimbursements
  • Cut back on time consuming reimbursement processes
  • Control Online expenditures
  • Access powerful expense management applications and reports
  • Track expenses by employee, type, date range, cost range and other parameters.


Intuitive Payroll Management modules provide financial directors accurate and complete employee information and precise payroll transaction reports, giving organizations the ability to maintain a firm grip on their internal controls.

Restricted User Access

Administrative features enable financial directors to implement appropriate restrictions to user access on three different levels assigned to users based on their administrative roles.

  • Limit user access to only certain data types
  • Limit an employees’ ability to modify vital data (i.e., employment date, hourly wage, etc)
  • Enable permissions that allow ‘view only’ or ‘edit’ functionality
  • Enable hierarchy access to sensitive data (i.e, passport number, banking information, etc)
Payroll Management Reports

Powerful payroll reports can be exported and shared with select members of your organization.

Reports include Employee Payroll History, Pay Transaction Audits, Payroll Cost Breakdown, Tax reports and more.

  • Download the reports in various formats.
  • Create reports based on various parameters.
  • Limit the type of reports that can be viewed or downloaded according to administrative role or user profile type.